Anger And Stress Management

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This module enables you to understand:

  • Evolution of Brain
  • Chief influencer for managing stress and anger
    • Social Learning
    • Our visual, auditory and kinesthetic tunning from our childhood
    • Inner organization
  • Effective techniques for handling emotions
    • Accepting the situation
    • Divert yourself
    • Visaulization
    • Power of affiramtions
    • Empathy
    • Build higher values in life and recall them
    • Stop rumination/ Live in present
    • Use your perception
    • Recontruct your thought patterns
    • Learn to dissociate
    • Self-assesment
    • Work on your communication
  • Assertiveness & assertive Communication
  • Assertive Techniques
  • Do’s and Don’ts in your communication
  • Golden rules for handling your emotions
  • The stop technique
  • Other techniques to stay cool
  • 14 skills for you to build in order to manage your anger & stress & be emotionally stable